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How to Open a Work Order

A Work Order is a necessary step that allows for the IT dept. to have a paper trail showing not only whether or not the request was worked on, but also who worked on it, when it was completed, and who placed the request. I do ask that you read along for help on how exactly you submit a Work Order to I.T.S. as I have provided step by step instructions below.


When a Work Order is created here at Morrison, it is placed directly into my email/work queue. Creating a service request with the new Tech Support Technician on site (me), is the quickest way to get help from the ITS department. The ITS department requires that all work done is documented via the Work Order system, so it is very important that Work Orders are created to ensure work is completed.


How to Create a Work Order

(In order to make it easier to comprehend I highly recommend that you complete the steps as you read along.)


Step 1: Click the Link and Create an Account



(If you already have an account please skip to Step 3.)


If link does not open when you click it, please copy/paste it into your web address bar at the top of your browser.


Click the “Never Submitted a Request? Register Here!” drop down arrow


(If have registered but you don’t remember your password you can click “Forgot Password?” and it will send your email a link to reset it to what you would like).




(The work order link can also be found on the NLMUSD Web links Teacher page, on the website under the ITS Dept. web page and we are also working on placing it at the school’s website and Schoology as well. Be sure to bookmark it once you have it open so you can get straight to the necessary page when you need to, this will help speed up the process and make it easier to remember.)



Step 2: Creating your account


When entering in your information to create your account, the first line will state Account Number, here is the number you will use. 511693952





Step 3: Click the “IT Request” tab near the top of the page






Step 4: Enter your location, area, and room number for where the service needs to be done, and choose the best category you believe the issue would fall into. (Ex, if you’re having issues with your internet, select “Network Connectivity”. If unclear select “Misc./Questions”.)





Step 5: Describe your problem or request. Please describe the tech issue you are experiencing to the best of your ability.





Step 6: Depending on the category you selected in Step 4, another dialogue box will appear below asking you to Fill in the Questionnaire.


If are unable to find the information its asking for (serial numbers/model numbers) fill out any information you can. (Ex. if you placed a sticky note on the device, please state so in the Serial Number dialogue box so that the technician knows which item to look for.






Step 7: Fill out “Time Available” (Usually your free/prep. Block). The “Attachment” area is for you to upload any pictures or content you feel is important to your Work Order but it is not required to complete your Work Order. When you’re finished enter in “nlmusd” (all lower case) into the “Submittal Password” box and click “Submit”.




That’s it, you’re all finished and have just submitted your Work Order to ITS.